Flower Girl's Checklist

These personal checklists are for you and each of your wedding party members and family. Mail them out to the appropriate people along with your weekend itinerary at least three weeks prior to the wedding.
A helpful reminder of all the things you may need for the wedding weekend. Please bring all of the items listed.

1. Book and/ or quiet toy
2. Favorite snack
3. Dress
4. Shoes
5. Coat/Sweater (in the event of cold weather)
6. Tights (two pairs)
7. Undergarments (plus an extra pair)
8. Toothpaste/ Toothbrush
9. Brush/ Comb/ Round brush/ Hairspray
10. Blow Dryer/ Curling Iron/ Straightening iron
11. Barrettes/ Combs/ Headband
12. Jewelry
13. Prescription medications (if needed)
14. Outfits for rehearsal dinner and Sunday brunch
15. I.D tags for wedding day attire, luggage and personal property
16. Change of clothes or pajamas
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